Two years of Humble Monthly scarred me 4 life

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Two years of Humble Monthly scarred me 4 life

I was cursed with the gift of Humble Monthly, Humble Bundle's monthly game bundle. For $12, you get 7-10 'random' curated Steam keys with some of the titles offering DRM-Free downloads. They offered me a discount for buying 12 months in advanced at $10 a month. With the promise of getting semi-recent games in the bundles, I said yes and learned a valuable lesson: How awful modern games are.

Now to get it out of the way, most of the titles they curated every month were games released in the last 1-3 years, so I wasn't playing the most modern games, but I was playing the current generation of PS4/Xbox One games.

Notable highlights are games like Vampyr, Call Of Duty: WW2, Crash & Spyro collection, Yakuza Kiwami 2. Pretty much 1-2 titles each month would pique my interest to keep subscribing. However, upon playing, the manufactured games were so bland and predictable, I couldn't enjoy any of them that much. The majority of the games were only worthy of renting through programs like GamePass.

I understand that it is a 'no-duh' revelation to you guys, but to actually experience this for almost two years is ridiculous. My last month will be this one since it has Shenmue 3 in the bundle, but I'm failing to see the magic this latest generation is bringing. It seems to be very few titles are worth picking up, let alone renting through those services like PSN.

The Weebs fleeced my vidja collection.
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Re: Two years of Humble Monthly scarred me 4 life

Death Adder
NES -360/PS3 era seems to be sweet spot for video gaming.

I've got all the 8-bit - 64-bit "acquired games" (as Balzak would say) that I want, and I've been low key collecting diet cheap 360 discs, so I'm pretty happy rn.



I've had a similar experience on XBOX for the past 2 maybe 3 years.

XBL Gold gives you GAMES WITH GOLD, which is.......

2 XBOX One "rentals" a month that you can only access while your membership is active.
2 XBOX 360 "digital games you own forever" a month (although you need a active XBL membership to use the cloud saves on your XBOX there is a catch)

ANYWHO........this was all awesome for a long time, 60 bucks got you online play and 48 games per year basically.

I had zero complaints until GAME PASS came along, then all focus seemed to go in to beefing up those titles, and they quality of GAMES WITH GOLD dropped.

You can obviously get XBL Gold & GAME PASS, but that shit is even more expensive....noooooooooooooo thank you.


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