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Anybody besides me and Jerry remember this podcast? Yeah, I know it has been a while since these guys released their last podcast episode. They said in their latest episode which was released in October 2012 that they were going to make a comeback in the Spring or Summer of 2013. However, it has been over 3 years since that episode was released.

I know at this point G & DB Radio is basically dead. This fact being supported with not only the last podcast episode but also with the website losing it's domain name, last video actually featuring them being released in December of 2011, and the latest Top 10 Worst Consoles entry being released in June of 2010.  

However, CF mentioned in his podcast that looking at e-mails and comments helped him get back into recording podcasts. Also CF mentioned in one of his latest episodes about being on G & DB Radio after nobody mentioned them in a while.  

So all that gave me an idea. I thought I might send in a couple questions to G & DB just in case they come out and release another on the fly one time episode. You can see what I wrote in this link here if you are interested in reading what I sent.

And hey, maybe if more people wrote questions in the comments section of this episode, they might look at that and say, "Hey, let's record an episode just for the hell of it to answer these questions".